Old vs New??

Buying a new vehicle is always an interesting time, you have to weigh up a huge amount of different factors ranging from budget to practicality to simply “I don’t like that colour”. Obviously some factors are much more important than others, the budget one in particular, how does this purchase hit your hip pocket? In this post we will explore the pro’s and cons of that new car vs a reliable second hand vehicle.

Being a car enthusiast sometimes it can be hard to look past that new car feeling, everyone wants the flash new thing on the scene, however a brand new car in any category ranges from $16,000 AUD to any amount above that. The new car feeling isn’t the only reason to get a new car though, generally with a newer model car you know it is going to be in good working order. Unless of course you get unlucky like the owners of the  2010-2016 Ford Focus, Fiesta and EcoSport models for instance which unfortunately had a very big problem with their Powershift automatic transmission. This is obviously not a common occurrence when buying a new car but unfortunately it can happen.

Another advantage of buying a new car is that generally a newer model car will have better features including things such as a better hud and maybe even more safety features. There is another factor with newer cars, you know exactly what has happened inside of it! You don’t have to worry about the previous owner having done anything disgusting in there, obviously this is only a minor worry.

Older cars have several advantages also, the obvious advantage is cost. You could pick up a perfectly good vehicle for no more than 3000 dollars, this is obviously a very big deal. You can get a second hand car to fit almost any budget. There is also a huge amount of second hand cars available and for the most part you can browse thousands of options from your own home. www.carsales.com.au is a great place just to have a browse.

Obviously with an older car that has a previous owner you could run into problems with the car itself, it is an older model it could be nearing the end of its healthy running life, it could just be won down. This could go either way though! An old car with a complete history of service means you know exactly what has happened to it over the course of its life. People can fake these things but generally with a test drive you can get a good feel for an older car, you can even get it checked out by a mechanic to ensure you are happy with it.

In conclusion buying a new car can be a stressful time and with this article I have hoped to just present some pro’s and cons to both sides. Cost is the overwhelming factor so make sure you really think about your budget and don’t get yourself into trouble getting a loan for a car you cannot afford. We cannot argue with the fact that driving a brand new car is amazing though!

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