Insider Secrets To Buying And Leasing Cars – Both New And Used

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Studies show that 88% of all buyers pay too much for their new car. And if you lease, you’re even worse off! Which is why I’m sure you’ll save of thousands of dollars, once you know…
Ø How dealers get secret rebates on every car they sell, and how to use this as an “ace up your sleeve” the next time you buy or lease.

Ø What day of the month to buy/lease your car that gets you an extra $400 discount INSTANTLY (no, it’s not the last day of the month).

Ø The exact dialog you must use to get the best deal on your next new or used car. Know with absolute certainty that you’ve obtained the lowest price possible.

Ø How to get hundreds more for your used car or trade in, instantly, without spending a dime and… six ways to sell your car fast.

Ø Where will you get the best financing?… lease or loan?… dealer or bank?… I will show you all of their tricks and gimmicks.

Ø One thing you must do so you’ll never buy a lemon.

Ø A simple, easy technique to reduce your lease payment dramatically… sometimes up to 40%

Ø Discover hidden bogus extras and double charging tricks that can cost you thousands… and you’ll never know it.

Two things you must add to your new car sale/leasing contract before you sign it… unless you want to pay a hidden $500 extra charge.

Ø Discover which used cars are really great deals and which ones are lemons you’ll want to avoid.

Ø The hidden truth about government seizure auctions (i.e. drug lord cars)… can you really buy a Corvette for $200 as they advertise?

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