Infographic review: Buying a used car

Today we are looking at an infographic provided by, they have a lot of cool infographics and articles on their website so you should definitely go check it out! I’ll be talking about what I learnt from this fabulous infographic and how it is useful for anyone looking for a new car in a quick and easy visual burst of information.

The best thing about an infographic is that they are visually appealing! It is a quick and easy summary of information and it can look really nice. The big test is usually if you actually feel informed at the end and if it feels like they covered everything you were wondering about. In my opinion, this infographic is great it covers all the important factors when buying a used car, it lets you know the pro’s and the cons, it lists a bunch of considerations you surely must think about when buying a car and gives you other information about safety and price. Car detailing can add a lot of value to used cars, so be sure to get it done if you ever sell your used car. We recommend mobile car detailing services like these guys.

One thing I usually struggle with is haggling on price, this infographic suggest to try it out. Maybe I need to take an expert haggler with me when I buy my next vehicle, someone that has a lot of confidence when dealing with strangers. Budgeting is another huge factor, you should not be buying a car that you cannot afford. The infographic has some great ideas on that, make sure you consider not only the original cost of a used car but also the potentially higher maintenance costs and other costs associated with an aging car.

I learnt a lot overall and will absolutely consider all of the information in this image the next time I am going to buy a used car!

Buying a Used Car #infographicT

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