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Whats the Best Vehicle for a Carpet Cleaner?

Ask a carpet cleaner what the best vehicle is for their business, well depending on who you ask, you will get a number of different opinions.  It’s well worth considering all the options before you dive in and buy a Carpet Cleaning van. You will have to consider the type of jobs you will be doing. Will you be doing Commercial carpet cleaning, or just bond cleaning and home carpet cleaning?

For high-rise office carpets and inner city carpet steam cleaning, if would be better to have a smaller van then will enable you to get to those tight inner city locations. If you want to specialize in large scale commercial carpet cleaning then you should consider a truck mounted carpet cleaner or a larger van that will be able to mount a large carpet steam cleaner.

Sometimes for the smaller jobs or for upholstery cleaning and car interior cleaning you may be able to use a small hatchback vehicle and use a portable steam cleaning unit.

A lot of carpet cleaning businesses also do pest control services and that will require extra space in your vehicle to carry all the pest control spraying equipment. It’s worth adding to the equation the accessibility that each model vehicle has. Some vans will have sliding doors on both sides to enable you better access. Also, the height of the carpet cleaning van is a consideration and some may not be able to get into underground parking.

As it’s a business you will also have to be concerned about the fuel consumption of the vehicle. If you are going to doing a lot of driving then your fuel cost could be quite high. Often it’s worth thinking about diesel powered vehicles as they tend to be able to do more kilometers before an engine rebuild is required.

When you decide on the right van for your carpet cleaning business, then you should plan carefully the best layout for all the carpet steam cleaning equipment and accessories. Make sure you take the time to think about this as if could make a lot of difference in the way you operate your cleaning business. Being efficient and providing a great carpet steam cleaning service for your clients is the goal so you can grow a successful business.

A large commercial Carpet cleaning Van is a good choice if you need plenty of room for your carpet steam cleaning equipment. Also, they have multiple doors to give you access on both sides.  A popular choice for carpet cleaners is the Toyota Hiace van as it has a reputation for being very reliable. One of the best carpet cleaners in Brisbane have used these vans for many years and highly recommend them for contractors. You can visit their website for more information

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